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Lincoln Guppy at 8 months old... (video)

Lincoln Crawls! (video)

3/09 day in the life... (videos)

Lincoln 10

Lincoln 9

Lincoln 8

Lincoln 7

Lincoln 6

 Lincoln 5

 Lincoln 4

Lincoln - for Maggie and Paggie

Lincoln - more pics during week 1

Lincoln - First Few Days at Home

Lincoln - At Hospital

Lincoln - Other Pics

Lincoln - Birth

5/08 JP on OPB

Dina Pregnancy Photos

4/08 Maui

2/08 Week 16 Photo

1/08 Week 13 Photo

10/07 Woodley Wedding

10/07 Halloween pics

10/07 California Vanagon Trip

10/07 Amir & Bob climb the Nose Part 1

10/07 Amir & Bob climb the Nose Part 2

9/07 Las Vegas Climbing

9/07 Roberta Pietrok is 40

8/07 Becca & Mike Wedding

7/07 Bill & Char & Friends Wedding

6/07 Tackett Limousine Night

3/07 Dina Guppy - new hair

1/07 Silcox hut

1/07  Timberline

1/07 Kappa Sigma Winter Formal

12/06 Dobies

12/06 New Years Eve

12/06 Christmas

12/06 Old Country Kitchen

12/06 New furniture!

11/06 Thanksgiving I

11/06 Thanksgiving II

10/06 Halloween

10/06 Alice


9/06 RollerBlading

9/06 Climbing

9/06 Smith Labor Day

8/06 Tacketts  Jody  Kids

8/06 Wine Tour

7/06 Intro to Climbing

7/06 Lovers Leap

6/06 White Salmon

6/06 Twin Lakes

5/06 New House  




Birth Announcement



Before Ceremony


Group Photos







Pics from disposables


Dog Lovers

Click the following five links for hilarious videos of dogs in the snow 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Here is video of Indie's first day of Day-Camp


To doc


Before Krabi

General Krabi Pics

Climbing in Krabi

Diving Day 1

Diving Day 2

Diving Day 3





Video - See you on 2.25.06!

Engagement Photos 


2008 KS winter formal info link: AEKDB

Click here for picture of 2008

Click here for picture of 2007



New flash:  Our friend Alice L. Capitano, D.C. is opening up her own chiropractic clinic in Portland, OR - her website is Here

Jason Guppy starts his own business!


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Older Pictures

Visit the picture gallery of older pics, click HERE

For a higher resolution photo, contact us (or just email us to say hi)


Link for dina


Pregnancy B&W

Pregnancy Month 9 Color


This picture was taken on Saturday, February 17th on Mount Hood at Illumination saddle looking into the snow cave where the eight climbers and Velvet spent the night.  The photo was just before the infamous bad weather came in. The next day, just before Noon as the eight headed down the mountain, Matty, Velvet, Kate and Christina fell 300-400 feet, and had to spend the night in extremely windy and life-threatening conditions before they were saved by rescuers the following day. Jason Guppy is on the left, and Alice Capitano on the right. Click on the links for pictures of the beautiful CLIMB and videos 1  2 and 3 on the way up, and picture from the ELLEN SHOW.

Planet Guppy is brought to you by Jason Guppy and Dina Guppy (formerly Dina Stegner)



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