Yeah this is how we travelled around Australia!

Mom was our Christmas tree this year

Hangin with dingos

More dingos


Koala, hangin



They make their snakes BIG down under

Ooo, ooo, over a little, down a little

Harriet was found by Darwin - she's 130+ years old

What are these things called again?

Joey and child

Children all over the place - inside and out

Enjoying the view from a cabin in Binna Burra

Carie and Duncan - looking for Cassowaries in the wild

Aboriginal artwork

Rick explaining that all termite mounds run north/south (magnetic north that is)

Duncan just before he starts swinging through the rainforest on the vine behind him

Bush turkey

Carie- friend to all animals

Hey turtles have fun too

Going croc huntin

Just before the Koala bbq