Getting ready for another dive (14 in 3.5 days)

Dad's getting in touch with his inner punk

Cramped quarters - and two more fit in to the right!

Enjoying the view - we had good weather for most of the trip - except the first night (dinner didn't do anyone's metabolism much good in the end)

Dad and Christina

Christina, Jason, and Carie

Notice the person behind the cod... that's a big fish!

Goofing around during our safety stop

Notice the sharks there...

More sharks - coming at us

Sharks again...

Are you seeing the pattern here?

These guys like to eat... lucky there was enough tuna to go around

Where's Waldo?

Seen enough sharks yet?

Though it appears I'm at an aquarium with my scuba gear on safely outside the glass - these guys were 5 feet away fighting for a tuna head...!

Happy New Year!

Dive buddies

Jumping into the deep blue abyss

Big swells coming - tough to get out!

Enjoying the sun on top of the ship

Pulling back into Cairns